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My stainless steel story…


Many many many years ago after I had worked for about 4 years, I decided that it was time to buy myself a watch. I was, and still I’m, very clear that a watch is a status symbol and therefore the watch I bought needed to communicate that I was an up and coming professional.

The Eastern Watch Company Ltd

When I had saved what I thought was a decent sum, I walked into the Eastern Watch Company Ltd (EWCL) which was, at the time, located on the ground floor of Uganda House, in the Nairobi Central Business District.

EWCL is one of those shops that’s easy to ignore but that’s filled with gems and treasures. Judging from the name, you can tell it’s like pre-colonial! Just what I like…this and that, knick-knacks and antiques but also the latest sun-glasses etc.

After browsing through their stock, I settled on the above watch (top picture…true story, forget the graphics which I’ve just added). It cost me Kes. 18,000/= and I was given a warranty for a crazy number of years – I can’t remember the exact number but the owner stated categorically that I would use the watch until I decided that I didn’t want it any more.


Stainless steel love necklace

You may be wondering why I settled on this watch. I found it simple yet elegant, it’s a Citizen Quartz and on top of everything, it’s made of stainless steel. I knew that I would not have to worry about the watch changing colours and beginning to look funny … forever. Ask me to choose between trends and timeless pieces, I pick the latter any day.

My experience

True enough, I used this watch for over 5 years … yes, I’m that person. Eventually I realized that it was time to move on but I still have it in my collection.

Why I’m big on stainless steel and silver

Stainless steel earrings

Quality and value for money sum it up and that’s why most of the jewelry that we stock is made from these 2 materials.

So buy with confidence…we got you.

***THE END***