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Dear black girl, you are beautiful

The struggle is real…

Oprah interviewed Lupita Nyong’o recently. During the interview, Lupita narrates her journey in coming to the point where she is now…where she sees herself as beautiful. She says that when she was young, she used to pray that God would lighten her skin while she slept. Sadly, day in day out, she woke up and looked in the mirror with great disappointment.

She goes on to say how her struggle intensified when her younger sister, who is much lighter, was born and she noticed that people would dote over her sister and call her beautiful…a word she couldn’t recall being used to describe her.

God is intentional

Lupita’s struggle is not unique or isolated. Those who are light skinned in Kenya may however not understand. When everywhere you look, you see light skin exalted over dark skin, it may do a number on your mind and self-image.

Everything…and I mean EVERYTHING about you is intentional. God made and designed it that way. He looked at you and said “You are good and perfect” and no, His work was not sub-standard or incomplete and He was not having a bad day.


Means “the beautiful one” in Luo language. My skin is dark, I have short natural hair, a small gap in between my front teeth (which has sadly gotten narrower with time), a small frame and a long neck. I am “jaber”.

Gen 1:31 – Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw that it was very good! (NLT)

I pray that God would heal your broken heart and restore your mind so that you can see and appreciate your beauty the way God does.

***THE END***